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orce. So they waited until a moonless and stormy night, and under cover of the darkness managed to get away and be several hours on the road before their absence was discovered. "In order to deceiv

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e the Indians, Montejo caused the feet of the horses to be muffled with cloths, and lest they might find by the silence that the place was evacuated, he left a dog tied to a pole on which were a bell and a piece of meat. Every time the dog trie


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fights wi th the Indians. [Pg 526] Montejo lo

d to reach the meat he rang the bell, and thus the Indians supposed all the while that the Spaniards wer

st 150 of the 400 men whom he took there origina

e still behind the walls of Chichen. It was not until daylight that they discovered their mistake, and then there was not time to overtake the fugit

lly, and f inally the Indians laid regular siege

ives before they reached the territory of a friendly chief. "Let us return to the Castle of Chichen. Th


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